Humans are not perfect. But why do some try to be perfect?

Humans are not machines. They do not follow a strict system. Breathing, heartbeat, despite having a rhythm, will not always stay the same. When we’re calm, the rate is lower. In a state of emergency, everything starts to speed up. It’s like an engine. If you want to go faster, you’ll consume more fuel.

Fuel is limited. When we run out of fuel, the engine stops. But air, is unlimited. As long as we are able to breathe, the engine will continue to run. And when it does, it’s difficult to stop.

And we overthink.

It’s hard. It’s exhausting. It’s not the best feeling. But when you overthink, you want to see perfection. You want things to follow your own way. You imagine things, predict things that may not even happen.

The future will also be unknown. But the future, is affected by the present. If you want to go to work early tomorrow, you plan to wake up early. That decision, you do in the present, but will affect the future.

So there’s no need to overthink about the future.

Just live for the present.