I have always been passionate about technology. I love the fact that gadgets, from the simplest to the most complex, can make our lives easier. Usually complicated items = good technology = expensive, but in these times we are lucky enough to experience them on a much affordable level.

I am referring to what is known as a “gimbal”.

Used by people all over the world, gimbals are magical devices that you use to steady your shots when taking photos or recording videos. They work by using brushless motors (usually two or three, depending on the axis) to counter movement and giving you that real professional looking frame. I have always dreamed of owning one, but the price have always been on the premium side, sometimes RM500 and above.

Until now.

From a Chinese company called Feiyu Tech, comes the Vimble 2. It’s a three axis gimbal with a unique feature that makes it stand out: a selfie stick. This enables you to gain an additional 18 cm for great looking crane shots and wider selfie angle. There are tonnes of features too like motion capture, object tracking etc but I won’t go into that much further.

I bought it online from Shopee for about RM250+, not exactly cheap but is the more affordable among the rest. If you want to know more, click on the links below:

Vimble 2 product page

Shopee listing

Note: This is not an advertorial, but if Feiyu Tech wants to send me a token of appreciation for spreading the word, I’d gladly accept :)

So how does it fare up? I haven’t had the privilege of trying out other gimbals (this is honestly my very first one) but in terms of stabilizing shots, it did its job. Brilliantly. As this video shall demonstrate:

Special thanks to Honor (phone), Kinemaster (editing app), and of course Feiyu Tech (gimbal).


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