Well, hello.

Looking back at the posts years ago, I began to sense the slow irrelevance of the blog. With the advancement of technology, one can publish dynamic stories in various social media app, twice the impact with half the effort. Which is sad really, because we are moving towards a world where reading becomes less and less. Instead, we rely on headlines, facts and figures, even infographics have become a thing (to which I too enjoy at some extent). So what use are books now?

My previous entry revolves around me getting married. Fast forward present day and now I have a wonderful wife-turn-mother to a brilliant 11 month old tiny human. Seeing the little guy grow up is just a surreal experience. One minute he can barely crawl, the next he’s running (albeit quite wobbly) all over the place. I mean, I can go on and on just telling stories about the kid but this isn’t a parenting blog.

Recently a book came in the mail, Dr Seuss’ ABC which I bought online a month back. It was a board book, with bright colours and sentences that doesn’t make much sense except for the rhyming part. Despite all that, my son likes it a lot. He enjoys pointing at the pictures, practices his pincer motor skills by turning the pages, and throws it away when he’s bored. I love seeing how mixed emotions can be expressed from a single book, and that’s not even taking account of what’s actually written inside!

Books are great learning tools. Not just for the content, but as an object in general. That, I believe, beats any infographic I’ve ever seen.