happiness. it’s an emotion. a feeling. energy. and like energy, it can’t be created or destroyed. it can only change from one form to another.

we don’t create happiness. the feeling of happiness arise when something good happens to us. we receive gifts, we excel in studies and careers, we meet special people.. positive energy around us, makes us feel good. makes us feel happy.

happiness can’t be destroyed either. the gift turned out to be a bad one, we get bad grades and lose our jobs, we hurt people’s feelings and so they distance themselves from us. happiness changes form.. into sadness.

one thing remains the same: whatever happens, good or not so, the energy remains. we can either let it be something dormant, potential energy, or we can make it into something that drives us, kinetic energy. giving us the strength to keep moving, to change back the energy, from being sad, to being happy. which is why they call it

“the pursuit of happiness”


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