One Step Closer

Salam, dear readers. So recently I got myself a new PC monitor and keyboard, and until the excitement fades away, I shall be spending quite some time at my desk.

Just a quick update (honest. maybe.) for tonight. We’ll start of with a story..

Two years plus ago, I started working at my current workplace in Shin-Etsu. As always we meet many people, but the one I’m telling is about one person.

We started off as friends, I’m from production and her from Quality Assurance (yes it’s a “her”, just chill. In fact hold that thought..) and the first time we met, was at the company’s training room. There were a few of us, young engineers with fresh minds aspiring to be the best in the industry. Or so we daydreamed.

Fast forward a few months, and by some twist of fate, we became regulars in what is called a Trial Review Meeting. It’s where we discuss about trials and world domination, things like that. As time progressed, we became quite close. Light conversation during the meeting turned to texts after work, and yeah that’s probably how it all started.

So here we are, two years plus later, inviting all to what is called a..


In English, the term is a “wedding” :)

Save the date: 30th April and 4th June 2016.

Much love, from A & Z


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