salam, and a happy new year.

2014 was a great year for me. sure it has some lows but I guess it won’t stop me from appreciating the big picture.

I’m sure most of you my age and younger are fond of technology, and myself not excluded. although we haven’t reached the age of flying cars just yet, right now touchscreens are the norm, different to how it was a mere ten years ago. but then, where do we go from here?

I am and will always be, a fan of holograms and projection technology, and when I knew such devices exist, I knew I had to get one of my own. but the technicality meant that it is more of a premium item.. until now. (and thank God for the Chinese)

meet, the powerbank.

months of entries without a photo, and we get this?

months of entries without a photo, and we get this?

my phone battery life has hampered me more times than I can remember, and owning a powerbank was a reasonable solution. but carrying a lump of dry cell around isn’t the coolest thing, and so..

meet the powerbank 2.0.

pretty cool, no?

pretty cool, no?

it costs a fraction of the original (withOUT the powerbank capabilities), looks absolutely stunning, and works.

most of the time.

I can list a few things that is wrong with this thing (for now):

  1. The powerbank has three LEDs to indicate remaining power, but I haven’t got to the second LED yet (even after an overnight of charging)
  2. Makes a weird humming sound while charging a device
  3. Needs a flat surface to work
  4. Doesn’t work well at bright areas
  5. Can’t really type fast while using it

but only one thing that is right:

  1. It puts a smile on my face

I guess, when you really want it, you see perfection in the imperfections, and just keep holding on.. cos in the end, it’s worth it.

have a great 2015 ahead.



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