Late Night Thoughts

Zap! Just like that, it stunned me. Or rather she did. Let’s call her S. I’ve never seen S before, nor have I any clue of what to expect, it’s just that trying to get to know S seemed to be the only thing on my mind. It could be the captivating beauty, or the lingering Eau De Parfum, but in the time it took for you to finish this sentence, I was already planning my next move.

And so I did. It took me the world’s confidence that came from nowhere, but only four words to get it done: “boleh mintak nombor telefon?”. After that, everything seems to fall into place. It started with texting on a daily basis, to the occasional messing about at the workplace. This went on for a couple of months, and then suddenly, as swiftly as it came.. it was no more.

Hopelessly lost without a clue, it is when I found her. Now she’s been in front of me for quite some time, longer than S in fact, but it was only then I saw her. It’s probably because there was no drama or zap! this time, it was a natural friendship. Or rather, what initiated the getting-to-know-her in the first place. And from that friendship, somehow, it blossomed into something a little bit more than that. So, what happened to S?

It is then I realize that S was what people would call a “crush”. Her? Well, it started off as nothing but a friendship, but now I’m still trying to figure out what it’s turning into. Although to make things easier, I can summarize it into this:

Defining Newton’s Third Law in its simplest form, it states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Which is probably, in due time, we forget our crush as fast as falling for them in the first place. As for friendships, they provide a sturdier foundation based on a number of things and not just feelings alone. So don’t worry if you don’t see the immediate results of people’s emotions. They are trying, little by little, slowly but surely. It doesn’t matter if it took their entire life to finally fall in love, because then it would also take them a lifetime to even get close to forgetting.

And the letter representing her? Well, surely she deserves more than just one. It’s in this post, in plain view, you just have to see the bigger picture :)


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