of cars and girls


they say jodoh is something you have to work on, that even though it will happen eventually, you gotta work for it to get there. sort of like the bridge in order to get to the other side. then it got me thinking:

what if fate says that I will never ketemu jodoh, yet I still work for it. does that mean I’m going against fate?

my logic tells me that the statement is perfectly legit. it’s like “I want to get to A but I need a car, and since I don’t have a car maybe I’m not destined to get to A in the first place”. there are a lot of examples, most of them we unconsciously do in our lives: study, getting a job. I just gave a materialistic example so that it would be easier to take in.

now, for a moment, imagine what it would be like to have a car. not only can you get to A, you can basically go anywhere. it would be an adventure to have such a means of transportation provided of course, if the car even works.

there is no guarantee whatsoever that if you have a car, it would be fully functional every single time you want to go somewhere. the petrol might be lacking, the tyre suddenly flat, the battery dead cos you forgot to turn off the lights. in essence, having a car also means having to bear with a million ways that something could go wrong. but the fact still remains:

you want one.

when something catches your eye, you’d probably be tugging on your hair thinking of ways to get it. never mind what people say about it, forget the problems that may arise once you have it, all that matters is that you want it not just for the sake of getting to A anymore, but for the adventure that comes with it. THAT, is the part where you will work on.

it was never about knowing what fate has in store for you. rather, it’s about doing the things that you really want, completely ignoring the troubles knowing that deep down, the adventure alone is worth every bit of desire for the thing you wanted most.

I already have a car. now, about that girl..


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