june.. already? (and then some)

salam and.. MORNING? my my it is early. 4am, just like that Gwen Stefani song. yeah, let’s share it here:

right. now we got that covered, why am i up so early? weeell.. let’s just say i’ve got some work to do. report? no. tutorials? ah-hah damn no. i have some.. translation work, to do. also, by “work” i do mean like a proper “job”. yes, i am currently.. employed :)

actually, i got the job almost a month ago….. surprisee! huhu. i’ve been enjoying the “life” of a white-collar worker so much i didn’t even bother get the opportunity to update. to be honest, this is my first time powering up this laptop for social purposes. so, apologies to those who were anticipating an update (if any), and hope that this one’s worth the wait(?).

shall we begin? okay. let’s talk about the path i went through, from graduation till getting a job.. -ation. at least it wouldn’t be a total mumble and waste of server memory (not to mention my domain mapping GOD i forgot about that!), and that in hopes that this entry can give an overview to fresh graduates, especially to my juniors in technical colleges, about one of the many options that you have after getting a diploma.

so, what to do after graduation? well, provided you already got a placement in a university to further study, congratulations! if you didn’t, like me, don’t worry too much, and welcome to the real world ;)

basically when you get back to Malaysia all you’re probably thinking is EAT ALL THE FOODSSS but then that sorta needs getting used to. not that i’m saying food here is terrible, but they seem to be, um.. “unhealthy” (at least in the eye of the guy who lived off tempura and sushi for the past three years). another thing is you probably wanna enjoy life a bit, and by “enjoy” i mean like hanging out with friends, lots, LOTS of sleep, tv time, gaming etc etc. for me, this.. “melagha” activity lasted around two weeks, when after that i finally got a nagging from my dad epiphany to FINALLY start writing my resume.

what people say: i got a job.
what people don’t say: getting a job is damn hard.

“hard”, if you don’t have the proper resources. no, i’m not saying the “my daddy can fire your daddy” type, what i do mean is resources like.. recruitment agencies. cos basically when you apply for a job at say, A company, your resume would either a) get the attention of the HR officer or b) get chucked onto a big pile of musky, mouldy resumes ppl hv been submitting since the dawn of time. when you sign in for a recruitment agency (don’t worry it’s free), you’re utilizing the presence of that company to get into that inner circle.

okay here’s how it works: you sign in for the service, they interview you asking about general interests and such, they find companies with vacancies related to your interest, you secure an interview with said company, and hope for the best.

well of course you still gotta go to an interview with THE company, i mean who are you to get employed just like that? lol. then again you already secured an interview and THAT, to me, is the tricky part. to get the attention of a company so that they call you in, so that you can “dazzle” them with your brilliance in order to get employed. using an agency keeps you updated at all times, from job vacancies to interview times and location. they even contacted me post-interview asking how did it go. consider them, if you like, as your personal bitch assistant to find job vacancies and secure interviews for you.

although, there are the perks and… non-perks, of using an agency. on the plus side, you save time and energy looking for a job vacancy. but then if you’re the picky type like, say, you have the name of a certain company in mind, head hunters are probably not the best option for you, cos you’ll be getting job interviews from companies that you may or may not prefer. so choose: either you want to work for any company, or you’d rather wait for a company you look forward to working for.

i’d love to tell you guys, probably give my personal point of view, about what type of companies to look for and the differences between an administration position (like me) and a technical position, perhaps even the salary range and such, but like i said, i’ve got work to do ;) till next time.



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