failure is an option

salam and good morning. wow, it has been quite a while innit? mea culpa, my apologies. have been caught up w/ lots of stuffs ever since my homecoming last April 6th, from the export permit for my car to various job interview calls, yes it is quite a handful hehe.

to make amends for my obnoxious delay, i’d like to open an informal topic to discuss about failure, in hopes that some of you out there who may be having troubles at the moment can make benefit from this entry. let us begin.

failure. what issit? according to the Oxford Dicti.. oh dear Lord will you stop it?? everyone knows what failure is. it’s when you don’t pass, you fail. right? simple!

or is it?

i’d like to think of it this way: failure, is one big step towards success. whoever is successful, must have failed at least ONCE in the past. if the person never fails, then God bless you my friend, you are one lucky son of a B haha.

so then how do people cope with this, “failure”? as with most goals, there is a specific order of things needed to be done. think of it like a shopping list, or a recipe to make.. tiramisu. no specific reason, just ’cause. dealing w/ failure also involves a set of procedures, a timeline, much like a story.

step one: emotional response. when you fail, naturally your emotions kick in. you become sad, depressed, tears may or may not be shed in the process. but that’s okay, this is normal. it shows that you are still human, that you have emotions concerning said events. don’t worry, nobody ever died due to abundance of tears. atleast not that i’m aware of :)

then comes step two, which is acceptance. you admit that you have failed, that it was inevitable. don’t go blaming yourself by saying for example, “had i worked harder, i wouldn’t have failed”. you may feel the urge to do so, but by all means, DON’T. becos acceptance is vital towards the third and final step.

and that is recovery.

you take a step back, crawl out under that heavy raincloud of sorrow you’ve been under for a while, and look around. see what resources you still have left. surely they would be some, you just have to pay attention, even to the smallest of details. then you take that resource, and build on it till you reach your goal.

it won’t be easy LIFE, was never easy. there are ups, there are downs, there are criss crosses or T-junctions even. but don’t worry, life itself is a learning process. and don’t rush things, take one step at a time. becos a slow recovery, is a good recovery.

“why do we fall, Master Wayne?”

“so that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”



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