The Time Traveler’s Wife

salam. it’s not often i post an entry early in the morning, but then at some point these gaps just had to be filled, right?

i just finished watching a movie, it’s called The Time Traveler’s Wife. it’s a fairly old movie, not ancient, just a rather dated one (i believe it was 2009) so i’m assuming you lot have seen it. if you haven’t, look away. NOW. haha

it’s the story of a man named Henry, who travels back and forth through time (hence, the “time traveler”) but unlike per say, Doc from Back To The Future, he can’t control when or where he’s going. it’s a genetic condition, and sadly one with no cure.

i say the term “sad”, becos he can’t live a normal life. even the bizarre lifetime of Benjamin Button, one who is born old and gradually gets younger, does not even compare with what Henry had to go through. you see Benjamin, despite the reverse aging, still manages to lead a fairly normal life, due to his fixed timeline of events. Henry, on the other hand, comes and go at random intervals, making him miss out on important occasions; christmas, new year’s, even his own wedding (although by “missing out” he did get married, and no i’m not going to indulge into further details lol).

despite that, there’s this other character. as the title suggests, it is, after all, about the time traveler’s wife. to be honest, i feel sorry for the wife, becos her life was, lets face it, pre-determined by events laid out by the time traveler himself. it’s not as if she has a choice, i mean she might have, had Henry hadn’t kissed her in the meadows when she was 18 (SPOILER ALERT!) and yet, in that respect, still manages to cling on and tries to lead a normal life as the time traveler’s wife.

personally i can’t imagine going through what the wife had to put up with. losing someone you love at random intervals, it’s like eating a nice piece of chicken leg during breaking fast, and then have someone snatch it off your hand (sorry for the analogy, it is morning and i am a tad hungry huhu). to be able to accept Henry’s condition without so much as a complaint, to have to anticipate the “death” of a husband, to raise a child singlehandedly. even after the passing of Henry, still she leaves out clothes for him “just in case he comes back”. the level of dedication, trust, patience.. i’m a guy, and guys tend to be egoistic beings, but i must confess there are some parts that nearly brought tears to my eyes.

i am not asking, far from forcing, but i just hope, that someday, my future wife would be able to put up with me the way the time traveler’s wife did, if not even better.



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