you’re too good for me

salam. hi ho, late evening post. morning class tomorrow but meh.

break ups. they come in many shapes and sizes. figuratively, of course. some are direct, straight-through-the-heart “i’m breaking up with you!” while others are more subtle, “you deserve better… <insert sad song here>” types. let’s talk about the latter, shall we?

(editor’s note: this is merely an open topic, anything related to people dead or living is purely coincidental. maybe.)

so, the question i’ve been wanting to ask: why? basically, for me, there’s two theories:

1) the opposite gender is better at something you’re not, which makes you feel inferior, hopeless, and insecure, and to deprieve you from humiliation, you decide to end it there.

2) you found someone better, thought that “i’m breaking up with you” is too harsh becos you have a heart of gold, and decided to be more subtle.

let’s get back to point number one, becos obviously point number two doesn’t need much explaining. if that really is the case, why did you agree to have a relationship in the first place? i mean come on, it’s not like you start out with “hey, i’m Ahmad, nice to meet you.. let’s be a couple”, right? in order to be in a relationship, you gotta have reasons, reasons such as looks, character, family ties, looks.. (i said “looks” twice, didn’t i?) but in essence, there is something that draws you closer to that person, an attraction, or even attractionS, that after a (hopefully) long and hard thought, makes you pause for a moment and say “yes, that’s the one”.

i am an optimist (no, not the eye doctor), and optimists always think positive no matter how bad the situation. for example, if you stepped on a dog poo… well tough luck, mate. okay lets try another example, say.. lets try this: imagine you know someone who is the exact opposite, i believe the term is a “pessimist”. someone who always thinks about the negative side of things, like “what if i’m not good enough?” or “what will others say if i do that?” bla buh bla. naturally, when people hear these stuffs they tend to be negative too, right? well not for an optimist, cos he/she will say something like:

“it’s good to know the worst that could happen, becos then we could prepare ourselves :)”

(and yes, they do tend to put smileys on everything)

and it’s true with this kind of situation as well. if “you’re too good for me”, then what is it that the third person has that you don’t have? clearly we all know that nobody’s perfect, so obviously “the other guy/girl” has his/her flaws too. it’s not about seeking perfection, it’s more about coping with imperfections.

recently i started being in a relationship, one that hopefully, will last as long as i can recognize the person i’m in love with. i know this is optimistic, but as with all early stages of relationship you try to be mature, not cock it up, and pray for the best. if you’re reading this, which i’m guessing you probably will, i would just like to say, you deserve better…

…which is why i’d try my best to improve myself, to be a better person, to NOT be a perfect guy, but a guy whose imperfections makes your life seem more smiley face :)



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