salam, afternoon, and happy mid august (almost) !

i am not a fan of video games, partly becos i don’t have a powerful gig but mostly cos i lose all the time get bored and move on. despite that i am a keen fan of puzzles, be it shokudo, the reebok cube or whatever. games that exercises your mind and encourages you to think outside the skull.

(although my interest of decrypting puzzles might came from extensive reading of The Da Vinci Code..)

so i went on the internet, and i found THIS:


ignore the “demo”, it’s the best pic i could find -.-

well okay it’s not exactly what you call “new”, but it sure puts the “fun” in “God i’m having so much fun!”. most of the time. when it doesn’t toy w/ my head like it’s some sort of japanese 3d puzzle.

basically it’s a game where you figure your way out. no tutorials, that you have to figure out yourself, too. at the beginning things are all relatively straightforward (a two year old could do it. pfft) and as you progress along like many puzzle games it becomes sort of like when your earphones get tangled in your pocket. it’s not impossible, but very annoying. think of it like Portal, minus the dizzy jumping up and down high velocity stuff. oh and you don’t die too. which is good. but then not being dead makes you feel like.. “how long do i have to stay here?” which in most cases, might drive you a bit insane..

no worries, i’ve been playing it for a while now and so far i turn to be fine….. right?

oh and here’s the trailer, just in case you people are just too lazy to search it for yourselves on Youtube:

so there you go. what better way to lose your mind? well, at least it’s better than sleeping all day :)


(ps, links for download can be found here)


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