cycling: new favourite workout

salam dear readers!

(had to ! a bit cos it’s been so long. did i surprise you? no? okay.)

recently i bought a cyclometer. it’s a meter, for bicycles, duh. it shows currend speed average speed maximum speed distance time elapsed and stopwatch. although for now i’m just using the distance and time elapsed. i used to turn on the current speed but the only thing it does is make you look cool. which you don’t.


it has three main parts, the meter, the sensor, and the magnet. the magnet is attached to the spoke of the front wheel and as it turns, the sensor picks up how many times the magnet passes by and gives you all the readings. it ain’t rocket science!

here’s a picture of the meter with data from my workout earlier on today. no pictures of the sensor or the magnet though. besides you guys won’t be bothered anyways :)


i’ve been using my 007SH phone to run the RunKeeper app. i’m quite surprised the phone’s GPS capabilities is good, although that’s just probably cos my Milestone 2’s GPS is just s***.

aand here’s a picture of the circuit. i made up. by myself. *sniffs*

route (click for larger image)

oh and the meter costs 4000 yen, which in local money is about RM160. RunKeeper app is free of course. beats the use of a GPS-enabled cyclometer, those cost almost ten times as much :O

“Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara”



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