lose one thing, gain another

salam. good afternoon! gloomy day, typhoon’s coming, might as well blog a bit. *blows away dust* aand we begin..

to the majority of people today might just be their ordinary tuesday; tuesday classes, buying tuesday groceries, that billing report from last week due this tuesday.. but for some it’s a rather important day, as today was the day they’ve been waiting ever since a week plus ago. it’s the day of Gunma University entrance results.


today was the day that would determine their academic future. acceptance to a university is a big leap for one holding the status of a “student”. it means that they are free from the bonds of formal classroom education, and that they’ll live on the basis of (as quoted by some) “study if you want to, if you don’t then it’s up to you”. it’s like receiving the keys to the house for the first time, enabling you freedom and, at the same time, teaches you the meaning of responsibility.

this is a story of a man who was one of the “they”s. ever since after he took the entrance exams, he was filled with mixed feelings. was he convincing enough? hopefully his tie wasn’t lopsided during the interview? as a muslim he believe in the concept of “tawakkal”, that after he’d done his thing he should turn to Him to ease his path, hoping that he was to be granted success. he hopes, for the best.

there was no more “party guy”, instead it was replaced with a much devoted, pious gentleman who prayed on time and read Quran. “skrillex” turned to “raihan”, he even vowed to fast for a day had he got accepted. he did every means of worship he can think of, yet he forgot one thing. his effort, before the exam, was somewhat lacking.

tuesday came. he was confident, as confident as a footballer taking a penalty kick. he dreamt of success the night before, which further strengthens his fate of getting a spot. finally, it was time. he opened the website. they were two numbers under the label “mechanical systems engineering”.

neither, was his.

despite that, he was calm. serene. as if a big lump of weight was lifted from his chest. sure he prayed so hard for success, but at the same time he did not forget to ask for the feeling of acceptance regardless what his result was. and that’s exactly what God gave him. he went out and faced the day smiling, his mind, soul at peace and full of hope, for the entrance exams to come.

“lose one thing, gain another” :)



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