minimalistic art

salam and good evening

hectic weeks passed, not to mention some more ahead. with the research, midterms, university entrance exams and the list goes on. surely as a human being one cannot continuously cope with the stress, which is why we need hobbies, interests, past time activities to balance out the work and the play.


most of you might’ve heard of AF Creations, a personal hobby with a catchy name in hopes that it will lure some design projects.. which it didn’t. nevertheless it still retains its function as a gateway out of the misery into my own private space of freedom and serenity. just. over the years i have been using various tools and methods to produce sketches, the most recent being my Wacom tablet. unfortunately due to unfathomable causes my tablet started to act a bit wonky when coupled with the familiar Macromedia Flash 8, which is why i had to ditch the RM400 technology in favour of a much conventional piece of equipment.

the mouse.

to which there is a problem. normally when i use the tablet it’s like writing on a piece of paper. the pressure sensors in the stylus detect the force exerted by my hand to produce an elegant and refined stroke. however when you’re using a mouse there isn’t in any way pressure can be calculated, even the click registers as either zero or one, there is no point five, for instance. therefore i had to revise my drawing techniques, and minimalistic art was born.

the idea came during the times when people started to change their Facebook profile pictures with brown figures as a symbol of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike at an Israeli prison. soon various forms start to pop up, from Iron Man to Goku, even Upin and Ipin had some of it’s share of support. being a man of self-pride and exclusivity, i decided to make one of my own.

this turned out to be quite a surprise for me, since i never expected it to look that good. and so i decided to make some more artworks using the very same technique.

since i am of course, relatively new to this style (not to mention the agony of tracing each line, editing it with a mouse) so far i only made the ones you see here. also there is one which i used as a picture in the About Me section of this blog.

what a way to kill time!



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