Golden Week 2012

salam. evening. hey awok! tetibe.

golden week. GW for short. a week of golden prime holiday. well, almost. the perfect time to forget about classes and hang out with the mates. mine so far? lets see..


well not exactly what i’d call a “perfect” GW, got a two-day gap in the middle which , for some unknown reason, Oyama NCT is too bloody kedekut to give. but yeah, still. a week. ish. twas.. nice :)

saturday April 28th: i.. um.. forgot. was in my room all day long. i think. or was it the movies? nevermind!

sunday April 29th: Hitachinaka something2.. um, park. lotsa lotsa flowers! pics? later.

monday April 30th: in my room, ogling at the Subaru BRZ.

tuesday, wednesday May 1st and 2nd: classss. schoopid Oyama NCT.

thursday May 3rd: ibaraki taikai. spectator only. plus met with some of the mates.*

friday May 4th: AMIR Edu Fair, Saitama.*

* went by car. a bloody HYBRID. rent of course. plus i didn’t drive cos haven’t got japanese license. imma good person.

that would be all. for now.



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