Final Year

salam. good evening.

catchy title? probably not. am just updating for the sake of just, well, updating! a lot has been going on the past few months and i just don’t know which one to pick and write as one whole blog entry, so imma just opening a tab, jotting down anything that comes to mind at this very moment. kinda like twitter, but it’s in a blog. get it? no? okay..


i like trains. tetiba.

oh i know, lets talk about my home for a bit! so you see, my mother likes gardening and all nature stuff. quite the opposite of me who likes.. well, none of those. not that i’m a bad person, not that i HATE caring for the environment no, it’s just that.. well let’s just say i don’t go to McDonalds to order fried chicken.

that’s a terrible metaphor.

back to my home. thing. event. story. thing. my mother FINALLY gets the chance to decorate our home a bit. not that she hasn’t done it before but, this time it involves the exterior of our home. now our home has that waterfall thing, landscape, pond, thing that people put at the corner. kinda like a centerpiece, only that it’s not at the center.. nevermind.

and in that pond, thing there are.. fishies! yes. they’re um.. fishies. carps i think. how am i supposed to know? i never seen that thing up close before anyways huhu. which makes me wanna go home real bad right now. not in a sense that i’m homesick or anything, but just for the sake of enjoying the home landscape (is there such a term, “home landscape”?)

and then.. recently we acquired some.. quails! or puyuh if you understand malay. that too, i have never seen before. in 3D. i mean real life. yet. i only saw some pictures my sister took, all which are available on Facebook. on Face Book. no i’m not posting any links here, m just to lazy to do so. go find it, it’s probably on my timeline anyways. not that anybody is interested.

i guess this is a fairly long post just to spark my interest in blogging again. although this might also be the last one in say, another month’s time. let’s hope it’s not, i am paying usd20 per year for this “exclusive” domain of mine, must make every penny count. every. penny. count. EVERY okay2 we get it!

i miss her. sorta. maybe. yeah i think i do. kbai.



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