“It is said some lives
are linked across time.

There are certain people
connected by an ancient calling
that echoes through the ages.


destiny. what is this word? this, three-syllabled, seven-letter word. what does it mean? defines it as

“a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency”

that’s the technical meaning, of course. like if i asked, what is an apple? most people would probably answer a roundish fruit, commonly found in red or green, with a sweet and crunchy light-yellow flesh. everybody knows that.. or is it really EVERYBODY? say if you told that to a blind man, how does he know what red, green, and light-yellow looks like? if you hand him slices of apple and a pear for example, how does he differentiate between the two? the only way, of course, is to take a bite of the slices.

salam and good evening. i’m not really in the mood for a blog entry but due to certain events, i became “mental” and to avoid me saying things that i might regret, i imposed a 12-hour ban on Twitter for myself, which means this entry is basically a way to get words out of this brilliant mind of mine in a much controlled situation :)

back to the main topic; destiny. we all know what i means, at least on paper. what we don’t know is HOW it will turn out in the end. like for example, when something we want so bad suddenly appears on our doorstep one morning, instantly we feel grateful for that. who cares about the previous events that led to us getting that something? it’s the outcome that matters! i HAVE it now, therefore i am grateful and HAPPY!

let’s say you have another thing that you wanted really bad. therefore you perform complex mind boggling calculations and do extensive planning in order to get that something. in the end you didn’t get it. you feel sad, and thus you came to a conclusion such as “it’s okay, it’s probably not my destiny”.

really? after all you’ve been through, THAT is your conclusion. REALLY???

there is this one story i like that tells the story about destiny. there are many variations, but the outcome is the same. i won’t type it here, it would be boring. they did feature it in the movie Pursuit of Happyness though, here’s a clip of it

poor guy haha. point is, even though you do careful planning in order to obtain that something, NEVER, neglect things that you stumble upon along the way despite it not having anything to do with your goal. take a bite, even if you’re unsure whether it’s an apple or not! who knows, taking account those things may even result in you having a BETTER outcome than the one you are trying to accomplish.

after all it is always YOU who shape your own destiny.



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