salam. hello.

i am, a big fan of exclusive items, and by big i mean MASSIVE. one-off items, rare collectibles, everything with the word “premium” catches my eye. it’s also probably the reason why back in ’10 i bought my ipod online just so that i can pick the red colour and personal engraving >.<

exclusivity is a class, a style. that one step further beyond ordinary. it’s a symbol of status, and owning that symbol makes you stand out among others. it’s what i like, being special, the centre of attention. in more familiar words, “poyo”, “pok pratian”, and lets just hope i don’t reach the level of “riak” huhu

so basically one day i was surfing along and came across a certain type of notebook. it’s called the Moleskine, although it claims that the word itself doesn’t have a specific pronunciation. it’s how you, the owner, define it is what makes it what it is, which is the sole concept of this, elegant looking notebook. yes, it’s a notebook. but somehow it feels.. different. no wonder it was used by names such as Pablo Picasso and Oscar Wilde, hence the famous company tagline: Legendary Notebooks.

and so you might have guessed what happened afterwards. a quick search at Amazon and *click*, i bought one :D

it’s quite amusing really. you’re there with a clean notebook with LEGENDARY properties and you think, now what? what should i do with it? should i write a diary? scribble some notes? doodling? but it’s a LEGENDARY notebook! eventually i settled with using it as a personal journal, like a blog, but i made sure from the day i bought it that i would write in it every day, no matter how boring the day was. plus it’s actually quite small so writing little won’t be seen as lacking haha

can you spot it?? -.-

my little black book

i like the feature that it has a rubber band to keep it from opening by accident. it’s those little things that makes so much of a difference :D oh and there are loads of page styles to choose from: plain, line, grid, music sheet just to name a few. i bought the line one, not very good at writing in a straight line without some sort of guide huhu

brand name in all its glory

it's even got a piece of paper telling the history of it

inside preview with some of my writings

if you want to be remembered, you should have something that resembles you in general. your life’s work, your journal of personal accounts, your legacy.

this, is my legacy.



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