Nikko Trip Winter 2012

salam and evening

as i listen to the live commentary of  Man Utd vs Liverpool via internet radio i thought of posting a quick update.

each year my college would take the foreign students (or “ryuugakusei”) on a field trip, just to get some fresh air and maybe “see the world” a bit. this year it’s Nikko (surprise surprise -.-), a city approx 2hrs bus ride north from Oyama. wasn’t exactly a long trip, started yesterday morning and ended just this afternoon. but the schedule was so packed it felt almost like the whole weekend.

personally it’s my third time, my second during winter, but interestingly my first going to a part where powder snow is everywhere. i believe words can’t explain it all hence the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so here are some bits and pieces i managed to gather for u to enjoice~

ps, not much snow yet alone powder snow in the first few pics, but bear with me there will be some. promise :) also, won’t be bothered to put photo captions cos i’m so damn lazy lol.

starting off with the Tosho-gu Shrine

overnight we stayed at a resort called.. actually i’m not so sure >.< what i know is that it’s a damn beautiful place. now here’s where the powder snow pics are! no evening pics btw, just some i took just this morning.

and now let the REAL sightseeing begin!

that is all. football time!



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