In Search of the Companion

Perhaps it’s a story not worth telling
it’s about the life that i’ve been dwelling
the time has come to fulfill my calling
to seek for the one i’ll call my darling

Ultra-picky, one might even call me
arrogant, foolish, or maybe all three
if that is what they say, then let it be
i just want it to be perfect, you see

Then “perfect” may well be a tad too high
like doing jigsaws or learning to fly
admit i did, as i heaved a big sigh
lets get a move on or they’ll all pass by!

Eventually i began the quest
a journey that took me from east to west
it won’t be as easy like all the rest
so i turned to God and longed for the best

Recently it seemed my wish was granted
i caught up with her whom i’m acquainted
always the cheerful, cute and bighearted
among the traits that i’d always wanted

I must admit that i am nervous, quite
is the choice i made the one that is bright?
as i wait the day where we’ll reunite
lets hope it works and everything’s alright


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