salam. evening.

(evening laaagi..)

desserts have always been an important part of dining. its significance marks the end of a hearty meal. the period at the end of a sentence, the Concorde of air travel, the orgasmic pleasure after.. nevermind. without it u feel a sort of emptiness. it’s like eating cake without icing, somehow it doesn’t feel right.

it may be a bit late, but i have found my personal favourite dessert. it’s called the “dango” (pronounced “dan-go”), and it looks like THIS:

the dango

dangos are simply put, mochi (pounded japanese rice until it becomes a sticky dodol-ish substance) with an assortment of toppings on top. pictured here is red bean, although it’s more of a brown maroon-ish bean to be honest. the sweet red bean goes nicely with the, well, rice. see it as japan’s version of our very own puteri mandi.

so why issit that i’m posting about it here?

no reason really. just thought i would share >.<



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