salam. evening, although its already past midnight. oh well :)

i met this girl once, in high school. attractive, smart, a bit silly too. well, in a funny way. usually when i talk to somebody i try to talk in a way that makes d person laugh; bad jokes, good jokes (mostly bad jokes). with her though, its the opposite. she makes me smile, makes me laugh. its a bit rare, for someone to make me laugh rather than the other way round, but it made me happy.

its quite a twist, our lives. i recalled our first conversation together.

“bah jom bergambar!”
“mau? meh la.”
“eheh. ndak pa lah. main2 jak.”

it wasn’t sweet, barely a conversation, but maybe, just maybe, that particular talk might as well be the starting point to what we’re having now. i can’t quite remember what happened afterwards, but we did become close.

i was in form 5. she was in form 4. i was her senior, but we were the same age. although i’m much older. and more matured. my classroom was one floor above her. but that didnt stop me going down and hanging out with her during evening prep. we chatted, studied.. yes we did! although we did chat more >.<

2007. i graduated from school. we met after the ceremony, chatted a little. took some pictures for memories’ sake. i still have them. somewhere. the same year my family moved back to semenanjung, dad got transferred. one particular day, i thought of hanging out with some friends. my plan to buy lunch for some mates eventually turned out to be my surprise farewell party. we shared stories, ate cake, some gave me gifts and cards. it was pleasant. and yes, she was there :)

it wasn’t all sunshine. there were rainy days too. we were young, we were stupid. we want our own ways, not thinking of others. thankfully they didn’t last long. we acted rationally, we became aware of our mistakes. we forgave each other, we shook hands (hypothetically, of course).

time moved on. we both got offers to study overseas. i thought we would never see each other again. but fate is a curious thing. second year of my preparatory course, fate brought us together. INTEC was our witness. on weekends, we’d go out for lunch together. sometimes dinner too. one thing that’s certain, we were accompanied by a few others as well :)

it was only a couple of months. she flew first. i followed suit months afterwards. from there on we never did get to chance to meet each other again. although we did continue to be close, be it phone calls or online chatting. thousands of miles apart, yet it felt so close. close to our hearts. maybe >.<

it may seem like a love story. at some point it might have been, who knows? but the truth is that we never really did make it to that path. she met someone. i’m still the single me i used to be. for now. but our path was much different, was much special. our path, was the path of friendship :)



2 thoughts on “friendship

  1. sweet..see i told u..youll be posting abt me (i knew it since u asked me) ehehehe wow..we really had that somewhat spc back then..but it will always beshfren..hope it will never end..hehehe

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