winter break – progress update #2

salam. just a lil update to keep me sharp on my senses with a bit of typing.

currently in suzuka for the final night of d break. since classes will begin on the 5th i, despite the no-i-want-more-time-with-my-pals attitude will be returning back to oyama sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening, depending on d agendas.

upon arrival, there will be a surge for task completions (i.e. reports, assignments etc.), two days of lazy classes and God willing be given the strength to update another entry during the course of the weekend this time, the full in depth story of what may seem to be the most awesome week of my 20th year of my life. and yes, pics will be included as well :)

stay tuned and until then, a lil message to the guys and gals who are facing exams, the best of luck to u all.



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