talk shows

salam and welcome!

11.57pm. phew managed to squeeze one last entry into January! funny isn’t it? 31 days had passed since we entered 2012. i remembered new year’s eve in Kobe, with a hearty new year’s lunch the following day at Fisherman’s Market. also marking the first buffet of the year lol. time passes without pause, might as well take benefit of what’s left :)

enough jibber jabber, this time i’m going to talk about talk shows. not exactly a new found interest, but lets just say it’s one that resurfaced from the depths. as a kid i used to love watching Oprah, and by “kid” i mean form 1. it’s nice to know stuff u know, things that u can’t get from mainstream media like news and the radio (not sure if people still do that). it’s a type of talk show for mature viewers, that (and please don’t misinterpret when i say “mature”, i’m out of words huhu). discusses about lifestyle, health, money saving tips. mostly heartwarming stories based on real-life events. yes, my childhood is as sophisticated as that. i think i got it most from my father whom, being an academician always had a dashing neat appearance. to get an idea, here’s my pic from that particular period:

early years of mrsm

i’m glad to be enrolled in a boarding school, at least i get to know what a douche i was and slowly start to loosen up a bit. i wear jeans now instead of boring slacks.. at least that counts as something right??

then i discovered Top Gear, especially the Star In A Reasonably Price Car segment where a celebrity comes to the studio, gets interviewed before the audience is amused with a clip of the star posting a lap. recently they had Rowan Atkinson, it was one of those moments where u FINALLY get the chance to hear him talk in a proper manner (and get to know that he is an excellent driver as well). then there was Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton, Ellen and all those entertaining talk shows. not exactly comedy, but there are funny bits here and there. plus u get to know celebrities more particularly what’s going on with them at the moment, their interests and such. fun way to gain knowledge i say, don’t u think?

since then i always dreamt of having my own chat show. not sure if the path is right for me but who knows, rite? usually these shows have their own distinctive character; Top Gear talking about cars, Graham Norton with it’s red chair and such. i was tweeting the other day and thought, how about if i make a dining theme? u know when u go out with ur mates to a restaurant, order food and chat while waiting for it to arrive (which lets admit, is pretty time consuming). but then i thought about the cleanliness and health issues, that food and television don’t really mix. plus watching a CHAT show with guests munching FOOD in their mouth is not that.. erm, pleasant. might have to revisit that later huhu

summing this rather, tasteless entry (i did it just for the sake of the date ok?) talk shows can be a choice of viewing when u can’t choose between watching the news or comedy. although i’m not entirely sure if that’s true. probably just me >.<