winter break – progress update #1

salam. evening everybody :)

for those who didn’t know, i’m currently having my winter break. not much, barely 2 weeks (dec 23rd – jan 4th) but i’m trying my best to make do of it with fun and educational activities! so here’s a bit of what’s going on.

dec 23rd – dec 25th: i thought it was going to be a boring weekend, but it was well spent with a bit of shopping and some christmas illuminations.

dec 26th – dec 28th: ski trip at nagaoka, first time snowboarding!

dec 29th – today: joined the suzukians for a trip to hiroshima. currently in a hostel we booked earlier on, able to post an entry thanks to free wifi yay!

tomorrow – jan 4th: T.B.D.S.E. (To Be Done Soon Enough)

no pics at the moment, will be compiled and uploaded later on.



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