salam. it’s 4.30am but still dark. should i say “night” or “morning”? nevermind.

and so i was browsing the web as usual. one thing leads to another and finally i found out an art form called a “tughra”. according to wiki, it is a calligraphic monogram used by the Ottoman sultans. here’s what one looks like:

tughra of Abdulhamid II (1876)

i was, one can say “moved” by the delicate flowing lines that i thought to have a go at it myself. lucky for me my name has arabic origins which meant that it can be written perfectly in arabic calligraphy :)

apparently stupid win8 dev preview has a bug that disabled the usage of my wacom bamboo *sigh*, so i had to trace the drawings i did on paper using my phone instead. that said, don’t expect perfect curves at the moment huhu

first attempt

second attempt

third attempt

i do favour the curves on the 2nd one though, but Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile doesn’t give me the convenience of the oh-so-familiar Macromedia Flash 8. that will do for now -.-

waiting for subuh in 20mins time and then off to bed.