salam. evening to all.

i came up with this thought while cycling home frm dinner. as usual i was talking to myself (quite an awkward habit, i know) and then when i realize what i was talking about to myself i thought, why not blog it?

the word “if”. it’s a two letter, monosyllabic english word to represent.. um.. gv me a sec.

*googles for the meaning*

you see there’s a lot of uses for this word, but we are more familiar with the first one.

if only i had more time.”

“what if i chose ___ instead of ___.”

if only i knew what it would be like.”

eventually a pattern will emerge, and it’s all about the negative stuff. which is why u normally hear these phrases when someone is down or not satisfied with a particular something. i myself tend to use it quite often. it’s not wrong to express your inner feelings, but somehow it reflects that you are not grateful for what you already have.

so how about another way of using “if”? same word, same meaning, but a bit different in sentence structure.

if i hadn’t done _____, i wouldn’t have _____.”

if i had the time, i wouldn’t be motivated to do ____.”

point is, the word “if”, even with it’s mere two letters can work wonders and give quite an impact to your life, but only if u know how to use it properly :)