a weekend to remember

salam. late evening entry today. just to keep things in motion hehe

and so the story goes like this. a colleague of mine was in town for the weekend due to a class trip to various engineering-ish places. a bit like a field trip, but with big boys’ stuff. the trip ended on friday but due to his train ticket being valid till sunday, we arranged a meet and decided to hang out.

friday afternoon after the last period (which on a friday means lab work) i headed to tokyo and arrived around 8pm. stopped by for dinner and since its getting late, we headed back to the hotel. mind you, it may sound a bit posh staying in such a place in a city like tokyo but i assure you, think of more as your average dorm room.. and divide that by half. with shared facilities (toilets, shower rooms etc). we’re not millionaires, just average boys with backpacks :)

the following day, we headed to.. Tokyo Disney Sea! it’s like Disney Land, but with.. sea.. instead of.. land.. you sea see? in standard english, it means most of the rides are water themed; boats, hovercrafts, things like that. no pics there. it was a THEME PARK for crying out loud, all we did is have fun! and bought some weird flavoured popcorn..

sunday came and we decided to go to a museum! not a national museum with dusty documents and sorts, no. we went to a RAILWAY museum. it’s like a normal museum; still old stuffs, apparently some old dusty documents too, but full of trains. i do think the term “museum” is a bit off, cos there are modern things too like train simulators and stuff. then again “railway learning centre” doesn’t sound so good now, does it? now THIS, i have pics. some.

the first bullet train

that is one BIG train set

not your average train simulator

more? head on here.

off to bed, final week of classes for the year starts tomorrow. cant wait for the winter break >.<