the REAL Tokyo Motor Show 2011

salam. evening.

okay here’s the real deal. sorry for the fake entry the other day. not that anybody noticed. aanyway..

i went there (finally!) on the 2nd last day of the exhibition, which is last saturday. i went alone, cos i hv no one to go with wouldn’t want to bother anyone else. i wasn’t even fully pumped about it to be honest, which was reflected on me neglecting my bulky dslr in substitute to a decent 5MP phone camera.

being the 2nd last day i thought there would be some space for me (by “space” i meant at least a 5 metre radius). who was i kidding. Tokyo? on a weekend? it was PACKED. not to the extent that i can barely breathe, but the place is filled. nonetheless i did manage to grab a few shots of the show. come to think of it, it’s the only thing i did really. going from booth to booth, whipping out my phone, and snap snap snap away. enough chit chat, here are some that i managed.

always been fond of luxury saloons


kid was posing for his dad, i snapped one too lol

registration numbers of the world. Penang ftw!

it was an experience. a tiring one too mind you. thought of getting some work done the following day but just too damn tired to get up. on the plus side; managed to take away some Siddiq Kebabs oh yeah~

i’m just posting a short one today. if you want to see more pics feel free to check ’em out here.

Kirk out. ws.