Tokyo Motor Show 2011

salam. good evening.

The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011, organized by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) is  currently being held from December 2nd till December 11th at Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake, Japan. Making a spectacular return to Tokyo after 24-years, the Tokyo Motor Show seeks to be the world’s leading technology motor show. Automobiles are more than just transportation; they now offer solutions to issues such as our environment, safety, and energy. “Mobility can change the world”; the new theme delivers a bright message for the future of the automobile industry.

at least that’s what the official website pointed out. literally.

no i did not go to TMS today. that title was just to make a good impression, not to mention that (hopefully) it will increase my traffic. i awoke at around 8 in the morning, it was an exceptionally beautiful day if i were to be honest but the autumn gusts has finally arrived at Oyama so i couldn’t be bothered to step out of my comfy well being under the blanket. i did though, found myself doing something rather.. amusing.

you see, last friday i downloaded the movie My Sassy Girl (the american version of course, i’m allergic to weird language movies) mainly because it starred Elisha Cuthbert who, let’s be honest, a gorgeous actress with those eyes, that smile, the flowing blonde hair.. ok enough! i’m not being biased because of Miss Cuthbert but we all agree it’s a touching romantic movie. at one part (this may be a bit embarrassing) i had to, literally, hold back my tears. i thought she was gonna die or something! turns out the ending was pleasant and sweet and i couldn’t help myself watching it again the very next day :D

it’s not the matter of the movie i would like to point out here, it’s the music in the movie. there is one part where Elisha played the piano to the tune Canon by German composer Johann Pachelbel (which in my opinion is quite a weird name for a german). this music was a hit back when i was in high school due to a Youtube video of a boy playing it on his electric guitar. it was a fast paced score, with lots of movement and energy yet is pleasant to the ears. i wasn’t really fond of the guitar and after discovering that it was originally played on a piano i fell in love, so i decided to download a piano app on my droid and learn the Canon!

i’d be honest, clearly it wasn’t a stroll in the park. especially when i don’t have a clue whatsoever as to how music work. i remembered once in high school a friend of mine playing a tune of Beauty and the Beast on his guitar. it was nice and i would like to learn it. he said, “okay you start off with a C” and i said “what is a C?” and till this day i still remember his facial expression of looking at me probably thinking “are you kidding me??” or some sort. point is, when i ask for guidance about music please, don’t tell me any codes cos i have no idea. at all. show me, and i will follow suit. also you have to be extra patient with me cos i have the enthusiasm but deliver a bit slow. credits to my friend there for being such a patient teacher despite my stubbornness. Chester, i owe you one mate :)

right so basically to start things off i need a piano. which i don’t have. so i downloaded a piano app which, my phone being only 3.7 inches but needing 13 keys it was quite a bit of a handful. also since music sheets seem like morse code to me i had to opt for an alternative, and that’s where i discovered Synthesia.

the teacher

basically it’s like O2 Jam; the bars fall down in sync with the music according to each corresponding code. if the bar is short it’s a short press and vice versa. i then basically compare the bars to the notes on the piano app, wrote it down to get a better image (by better i meant less tiring, but still tiring nonetheless) of the code patterns until i finally got the hang of it. sort of.

the student's notes

it’s a bit hard to see but i assume you wouldn’t understand them anyway >.<

so that summed up my weekend which i’d say was pretty well spent! at least i did something rather than nap all day, right? oh and erm, to point out a bit, i didn’t really play the low tones, just the high ones and all of them are single, no double tones like you would normally play it. i can only play with my thumbs for crying out loud!

God i hope my terminology doesn’t upset any musicians or anybody.