what it would be like?

salam, evening and a happy weekend to all.

as i currently listen to Chris Daughtry’s latest album Break The Spell i suddenly start to wonder what my life would be in the future. you know, what it would be like?

assuming the future. it’s not an old topic at all. there’s one picture i saw on the net a few months back about how people in the 19th century imagine what life would be in the 21st century. it was mildly amusing i must say, obviously not living in the world we live today their imagination is fairly limited to that particular moment in time. for instance, as rockets weren’t invented yet they depict people flying with motorised wings on their backs. telephones projecting 3D images but the design of the device clearly resembles the model one can find in that era, with rotating diallers and such. it’s hilarious, but very logical.

not going too far back in time, how about the 90s? during those days we were using floppy disks that can store, at that time, a WHOPPING 1.44 megabytes (for the younger readers it is advised to consult your parents for sensible explanation on this “device”). nowadays we can store a thousand times more data on a chip smaller than the size of a mobile phone’s SIM card. with the advancement of technology comes the expansion of our ideas. how we look into the future too, is forever changed.

although i’m not going to talk all about technology here. rather, i wish to talk how technology will change our lives in the future. think of it as my personal time capsule, what i THINK will happen and then later on in life, given the chance, i will tell what it’s REALLY like.

so, what would it be like..

1) to celebrate my son’s third birthday?
after work, i’d go to pick up the young man’s birthday cake at the bakery. it would be a fairly normal one, vanilla i guess with a picture of a red sports car on it. the candles though, are some synthetic wax that is edible, so after he blows them out we can eat them afterwards; one for the hero, one for mommy and one for daddy. then we’d all play with his new birthday gift, a holographic learning table!

2) to go back to Kelantan for Eid?
packing wouldn’t be a problem. our washing machine dries, folds, and even stacks the clothes into neat piles in the cupboard. we just need to pick the right pile to put into the bag. then with the car fully charged, we input our destination and sit back as the car drives us all the way. traffic would be clear, as cars are designated into their respective “lines” (kinda like the one u see in Wall-E).

3) to contact everybody at home?
it’s been only three days here in Japan, already i’m badly missing them. after brushing my teeth while simultaneously reading the morning news on the bathroom mirror, i decided to make a call. video calls are in 3D, which made me feel sitting right next to my parents, who gladly offered to stay at my place and take care of things while i was away.

at least that’s how i imagined it to be. it could turn out to be even better, who knows? one thing’s for sure, be it now or in the future, never stop to ponder what it would be like. keep the dreams alive, it helps to give hope and makes u look forward to having good times ahead :)