salam. evening.

it’s call random cos when i decided to write this entry i had nothing to talk about in particular. now though.. i still don’t have a clue. meh. might as well talk about movies shall we?

so movies it is then. right. i’ve been an avid fan of Marvel since 2008. i can be precise cos that’s the year when Iron Man came out, and frankly it was that particular Marvel character that spurred my interest in Marvel Comics in the first place. the thought of being a billionaire playboy genius is as all might agree, pretty awesome. coupled with a supercar (wanted to say “exotic” but since it’s German.. what’s exotic about that?) and the high tech suit i was just like.. wow.

and then came the sequel, which if i’m honest isn’t quite my cup of Lipton. the whole of his workplace projecting interactive holograms? and lets not talk about the creating-an-element-in-my-own-garage stunt. that was, in my opinion (also excuse the language), shit.

then all my faith was saved with the arrival of Thor. pardon me for skipping X Men First Class (which i’ll admit was superb) cos i would like to retain myself from typing all the bits and pieces of its awesomeness, instead i decided to focus only on The Avengers. Thor was also a bit far-fetched to me, but then i remembered the character itself was fantasy so i thought yeah it’s cool (apparently waaay cooler than Green Lantern. boo DC! lol). plus there’s Natalie Portman which means we’ll leave it there for now..

2011, Captain America came out! frankly i was skeptical at first. Cap’ wasn’t really my favourite Marvel character cos well, he doesn’t seem to have much. he seems kinda overrated, being the leader of The Avengers with just a shield and a stupid gun. that was before the movie, mind you. after i knew that the movie was set during WWI then i’d have to say it’s probably my favourite Marvel movie yet. it’s down to earth type of cool (minus the Super Soldier serum.. and the godly power source… and the Red Skull baddie..) cos when you watch it you think “well, yeah, that seems logical”.

apparently this isn’t an entry about movies now is it? basically i just mumbled about Marvel all the way. sorry about that lol

ps: can’t wait for The Avengers next year!