salam. good evening.

no, it’s not what you think. this type of modelling refers to well, making models. in correct terms its “model making”, but i just thought modelling would be a catchy title >.<

my first model kit went waaay back to was it ’99? can’t remember. what i do remember is that i got it for a birthday present. it was a die-cast yellow Ford Mustang convertible, top down if my memory serves me right. at that time though, i couldn’t be bothered. it all seemed so complex to me. assemble this, glue that. it’s not that i dislike models, my parents bought me them Matchbox models, but that you don’t have to assemble. you can just pick a few and play aerial combat or drag racing with your mates.

it wasn’t until recently that my passion for models resurfaced from the depths of time (a bit over dramatic, sorry). last year i went to a model shop in Suzuka, bought a plastic model (it was a modern 2010 Toyota Prius) in hopes to try out my luck in modelling again. it failed. quite badly. the parts being so little, and me being so obsessed with perfection that after i broke one tiny part of it, i gave up, and it remained untouched.

until last month.

i stopped by at Akihabara the other day to check out some plastic models (somehow i caught the “modelling fever” again) and stumbled across a stunning Ferrari F60 model. being an avid fan of Scuderia Ferrari myself since the Schumacher years (probably the only reason i liked SF is because they kept winning during that period) i just couldn’t let it go. so i decided to try yet another hand at modelling. they say third time’s the charm, and it sure was.

although i did promise myself, if i were to build that Ferrari F60 i might as well finish that Toyota Prius first. which i did. sloppily. maybe i was just so excited about the F60 i couldn’t care less about anything haha. oh and some pics for your viewing pleasure. don’t laugh, i worked hard on it. sort of.

front wing

no decals. feared i might ruin it.


close-up of inner parts

it’s amazing how much you can learn through models. after building this only then i knew the layouts of a Formula One car, inside and out. pretty cool huh? i was so thrilled with this in fact, upon completion i ordered another F1 model. although i did promise a friend of mine that we’d do it together so i’m saving it for then :)

next project

that’ll be all for this entry. till next time.



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