happy birthday mama!

mama and i. the early years.

salam and evening.

2nd November. a date which is certain to be remembered on my calendar every year. it’s that on this date some years ago, a cute and healthy Kelantanese baby girl was born, one who later in life would eventually turn out to be my mama.

i’m not going to talk about her background here, we’re not trying to make a biography of some sort (not now at least). let’s just say it’s my version of a birthday card, since studying abroad has limited my capabilities of giving her one. in other words, writing an entry in my blog is much more time and cost efficient hehe.

i have to admit that i’m more of mama’s son. i do hang out with baba from time to time despite his busy schedule, but that relationship is more of a professional level; accompanying to university events, discussing global issues and such. with mama though, it’s the complete opposite. feelings, motherly advices, cooking tips, you get the picture. which means we talk a lot, be it through the phone or even on Facebook Chat. of course we quarrel from time to time, but those are just the little things that make our bond stronger.

so here’s to mama, the most wonderful mother a son can ever ask for. happy birthday ma, may you lead a long and healthy life filled with barakah. amin. love you always :)

mama and i. the later years.



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