start of something new

salam and good evening.

first of all welcome November! my last entry was dated September 10th which shows my lack of interest to post anything for a whole month. also i’m posting this today cos it’ll look good in the records. 1/11/11, now ain’t that nice :)

obviously a lot has happened; class trip to Okinawa, convocations (none of which are mine though), lil sis’ birthday etc etc. although i’m not going to write about any of those tonight. this entry was supposed to be, well, just an entry really. “gotta get them gears back in motion again!” some might say, which is clearly hard work. it’s like climbing a 40-degree hill with the largest gear you’ve got on your bicycle.

opted for a new theme too, in case there are newcomers to this blog (to which i say, welcome!). last time the atmosphere was a bit dull. this time though.. still a bit dull but it gets brighter as you scroll down. nice feature eh? also that cool-looking renaissance-ish header, and the narrow text layout so that my entries seem a tad longer. NONE of which i created myself, mind you. i can barely make an entry yet alone design a whole theme.

that’s already three paragraphs down, let’s publish! i won’t promise any new updates soon though, y’all know what happened last time.


* update: “..but it gets brighter as you scroll down.” – oh so that’s why the theme is called Dusk To Dawn!