quick update

salam and good afternoon.

promised to update a bit this weekend so let’s get it over with. it’s my first post since i’m back in Japan after the Summer Break (a week. i know that. already?) and next week it’s the bloody finals! five days, three subjects per day. mood killer? not really. the faster it’s dealt with the better haha. skip that for later, how about some chit chat about the holidays?

personally it was, literally, a Ramadan and Eid Ul Fitr holiday. quick flashback, my flight back home was on July 31st and arrival in the cool morning of August 1st which was also the first of Ramadan. 3 weeks in Bandar Tun Razak Jengka, final week headed back to Kelantan for raya. wasn’t quite the atmosphere i so much anticipated.

since my last Eid in Malaysia was in 2009, i was truly looking forward to this year’s celebrations. nevertheless it wasn’t that um.. Eid-ish. apart from the Eid prayers and “duit raya” of course. speaking of which, it was a bit of a surprise me getting duit raya as well. not to mention quite a handful too haha.

sorry dear readers no raya pics this time. quite the irony for a person owning a dslr -.-

“pejam celik pejam celik”, it was time to head back.. and so on September 2nd, i left lovely Malaysia to continue my mission in The Land of the Rising Sun. arrived in the morning the next day, took the Morning Liner (which i must say is a super, awesome-looking train) to Ueno and continuously back to Oyama (normal train of course).

and here i am, a week later, randomly jotting about it in my blog. i still can’t believe it’s only been seven days..