an evening to remember

salam. afternoon.

this post was intended to be written last Saturday. in case u haven’t read my tweet last week around.. Tuesday if i’m not mistaken (which i’m sure u haven’t) i stated that i would “post an entry in my blog this weekend or whenever i bought this year’s baju raya, whichever comes first”. apparently i bought the baju raya on the day itselfĀ  but since i couldn’t be bothered to even be online i decided that the post would be delayed.

first thing’s first in accordance to the title of this post. last.. Thursday was it? yes, last Thursday i tagged along with baba to Wisma Felda which is in KL for a Majlis Berbuka Puasa dan Penyampaian Anugerah something something, PERKIM. twas a surprise for all of us cos usually when talking about UiTM in particular obviously the main campus which is Shah Alam would be contacted. this time though, only the Pahang campus was notified and invited. how we got so lucky :D although that’s not d really lucky thing. apparently the Yang Dipertua PERKIM was the guest of honour, and what an honour it was for the person was none other than

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

surely this is not just another tag along! we were born to this world knowing him as our Prime Minister. back in Form 3 i even did a history folio on him. he was quite simply, legendary.

which makes me thinking; why is it on that evening i didn’t feel like meeting a Legend?

usually in the presence of someone as high a standard as for instance, a Minister or even more, a member of the Royal Family for example, that u feel this.. aura, this sense of understanding that meeting a someone with much significance. that evening i even shook hands with Tun twice yet i still didn’t feel the nervousness u get when u greet any other person of that level. i know i’m there and not somewhere else, i can see him with my own two eyes! i know i’m feeling something but i just couldn’t quite put my finger on it..

..and then i realized exactly what is was.

u know when u head back to the kampung during Raya and u get to meet all your relatives, yes? and then suddenly u meet a fairly elderly man u don’t quite recognize to which turns out to be say, siblings of one of your grandparents. that, is the feeling. u never met the person but somehow when u meet your Atok Sedara u feel content. when shaking hands u feel his seniority and that u respect him in a way how a grandchild would respect his or her grandparent, a level of respect that oversees even the highest of Royalty.

meeting Tun was something like that. it’s like meeting a senior member of the family. u know where u stand when meeting him, yet what is there to be nervous about? Tun if u are reading this (which to be honest i somehow doubt >.<) that it was an honour to finally meet u in person, and that given the chance, would love to meet u again sometime in the future. :)



2 thoughts on “an evening to remember

  1. just a piece of my mind. that feeling is because of (besides the one that you mentioned), no matter how legendary he is, he’s still, a human. like us. like the prophets. like Rasulullah S.A.W. a human, not an angel.
    mace nga analogi kalu gi Mekah, semo ore paka putih, x kiro rajo ko, sulte ko, prime minister ko, ore miskin ko. ha, gitu lah.

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