just in time for ramadan! :)

salam to all. even though it’s noon here in Malaysia i must admit, i js woke up -.- not that anyone is surprised lol

for all who didn’t know, alhamdulillah i arrived here at my wonderful home country last monday morning. before departure from Haneda the pilot announced that “…this flight will take 6hrs and 30mins..” which took me by surprise cos that would genuinely be a full hour early. i honestly thought at that time he unconsciously made a mistake with his words..

which he didn’t.

5.30am Malaysian time, Air Asia X flight D7 2652 safely touched down at LCC Terminal in Kuala Lumpur. i kept running it through my mind that how on earth did he managed to shave off a clean one hour from the usual designated time. nevertheless i didn’t ponder on for so long i mean, why would i? for nearly 2 years, i’m celebrating ramadan.. at home! *big grin kinda like this :D*

after clearing customs (now being familiar with the machine thing.. finally) i called baba to tell him that i’ve arrived. so it seems i’m not the only one surprised with the early landing hehe. baggage collection (which hasn’t got my name on the cargo tag. i wonder why..), waited.. and waited.. and oh there’s d oh-so-familiar blue black Unser. bid farewell to some of my acquaintances travelling on the same flight, and went home to S. Alam to which about 3pm, continued back to the official “headquarters”, Bandar Tun Razak Jengka.

Not really in the mood for some bazaar action (probably still tired due to flight and 3-hour car journey) we opted for some Ayamas. fast forward >> berbuka time! i did think about the phrase “berhenti sebelum kenyang” but since the emotion of being among family members for the first time to break fast since 2009, i just kept on eating (plus the Ayamas was ohh so damn good..) thankfully i still had the strength to pull myself for the evening tarawih haha.

summing it up, ramadan is a joyous moment to spend time with your family. skipping the one last year truly made a personal impact as to how much had i been missing out. it’s true what they say, ” you can’t really imagine how valuable something might be until the time when you no longer have it”.

be grateful. happy ramadan everybody! :)



2 thoughts on “just in time for ramadan! :)

  1. gano buleh jadi cepat tu? kelah pilot!
    p/s: esok esok di Aussie (inshaAllah) aku keno rayo di mesia jugok lah? hihihi. x sei eh ado pengalame menyayat hati supo mung :P

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