homecoming (plus other stuffs)

salam. morning all. entry at 7.30 in the morning, on a SUNDAY. that’s a bit rare innit? lol

suddenly felt the urge to blog, casually this time. i promise. fingers crossed. haven’t slept at all last night, at first i wanted to blame the coffee, but i guess i’m just kinda excited.

idk whether it’s purely coincidental or i really have a pattern going on, but it seems that each time i’m going back to Malaysia i can’t quite fall asleep the night before. i try though, laying on the bed, eyes closed, counting sheep (no, not counting sheep. i made that one up.), tumbling, rolling, stretching, kuak lentang-ing, yet i can’t seem to get some shuteye. so with not much choice, i f inally settled to surfing the interweb, tweeting etc. (as if i haven’t had enough already. tsk tsk.)

after a bit, well not a bit, a lot  of song downloading to be shoved into my ipod and a couple of Youtube videos later, i decided to do a bit of blogwalking. not really something that i’m into, but unless i want to flood other’s Twitter timeline (which i probably already did. sorry.) might as well do an activity that doesn’t involve annoying other people.

found a blog, not going to tell whose it was (female junior, my college, nickname starts with F) i started scrolling through the posts. most intriguing, i must say. it’s like reading my own blogs that i used to have before i started this much (hopefully), mature blog. to which i started to ponder,

“what happened to all that precious history?”

(well of course they’re precious..)

it’s a bit like archaeology now, who knows what you might find in that heap. one thing’s for sure, back then my word spelling was awfully childish -.- interested? i’ll give you a head start; the word “afhilmi” :)

it’s now 8.02am. cant believe it took that long huhu. signing out for packing, tidying, and everything else in between. take care.