why do i care so much?

salam. evening. thank you fr stopping by, apologies fr d looong delay. now, lets get cracking!

some might wonder why would i take lengths to surprise people (oh yes, i like doing surprises but not really receiving them :D), to cheer them up in times of sorrow, to be the one supporting.

not meaning to brag but yes, occasionally i do travel all the way to Tokyo frm Oyama (an hour and half train ride in case u’re wondering) js to send ppl off on their ways at airports and bus terminals. yes, i do enjoy telling jokes no matter how ridiculous and stupid they are, as long as i hear them laugh. yes, i like doing things fr others, without thinking abt d consequences i may face myself. why?

some ppl may think that its crazy, that its bloody preposterous to spend an amount of money and my own strength just to do things that i wont gain benefit. allow me to quote Newton’s Third Law which states that “every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction”. what we are doing right now, living, breathing, doing stuffs-ing, they’re all actions, yes? then surely this is also applicable in our daily lives ;)

ppl can see plainly what action is, u can easily spot it like spotting a giraffe in say, a herd of buffaloes for example. what most ppl dont see is the reaction, the by-product, the benefit u can gain frm all of that action.

its not like i have all d money to spend on so-called “absurdity”, its not that i have super strength (believe me, i usually hit d sack after such long days) but i don’t know, somehow i enjoy doing things fr others. i get to meet ppl, share a laugh or two, and maybe even get free lunch or some sort haha. truth is, im helping myself by helping others.

lets say a friend of mine is going on a trip by bus frm Tokyo to say, Italy. no, not Italy. Kitakyushu fr example. no specific reason. i could stick to being in my cosy room, alone, surfing the interweb all night long or i can tag along, chat endlessly on the train bound to Tokyo, and run about finding the correct bus to the said destination. by doing that, not only i gain human interaction, i also managed to stretch my legs and discover new places!

in short, life is, well, short. money? oh they’re endless. if you’re lucky you might even find some hidden cash in your old jeans’ pocket. opportunities? now those you don’t see often :)



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