“i want to open a new project file..”

salam. evening.

anyone who watched the coolest awesome movie ever Iron Man should know that tagline ;) to be honest i wanted to post this 2 days ago but since d erm.. “thing” im working on is only done just now there was a bit of a delay. well its not like ppl are anticipating to read my blog or anything rite?

so the story goes..

not getting enough of Top Gear, i searched fr television programmes done personally by the hosts and eventually i stumbled upon James May’s Toy Stories. basically its about an old bloke reminiscing his glorious past playing with childhood toys. i’m not going to comment anymore on that, u might as well check it out on Youtube :)

among the toys featured is Meccano. being a mechanical engineering student myself i feel the urge to venture deeper into this matter. unfortunately all Meccano kits in Japan are sold out (i did manage to buy a set which can only make two, yes, two, bloody models). then FORTUNATELY i stumbled upon a 15 model set on auction. fingers crossed, i bidded.. and won! oh yeah~


the holy grail

felt like an early birthday lol

they even got scale guide. how cool is that?

then i came to my first problem; 15 models. which one first? i saw a plane from the box illustration, that would be cool. eventually i settled for the customary “biggest-picture-on-box” model :D


fast forward. punch it! *BOOM warp style~*

almost there..

done! (sort of..)

of course like all great battles fought it wouldn’t be complete without casualties..

the broken rubber band :(

to be honest i tried to mend it with sticky tape. that’s how desperate and sad i was huhu. luckily the 2 model set i bought earlier includes THE SAME RUBBER BAND! yeay! although i didn’t dare to use it cos fear of breaking it again lol.

great toy this. it’s like a small scale engineering class.. something. each model set contains its “awesome stuff”. mine has a wire cable of some sort.

oh and each set can only do one model at a time so, this will take quite a while before another model comes rolling out -.-

until next time. ws.