i’m blogging that!

salam and evening! yes! finally i can say “evening” properly haha

right. i js finished watching a movie and thought, yeah why not blog a bit? it’s called Shaun of the Dead. lead characters include Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. i first saw the duo in Hot Fuzz (awesome movie that, among my all time favourites) which i coincidentally stumbled upon whilst browsing the movies channel on Astro a couple of years back. i like the pairing of those two, they got d chemistry right. in fact, if u’ve seen them both on say, interviews and chat shows together, u might probably think they’re gay!

so abt d movie. generally its abt people turning into zombies, a bit Resident Evil-ish. which is a bit of a surprise really cos i’m not into horror type movies UNLESS i’m watching them with me mates. u see, a while back when i was a little boy i had a rather unpleasant experience with those shock clips. u know, d one when all is well when suddenly BOO! a ghost or zombie comes out of nowhere. yeah that didn’t really go well and i must admit i;m still traumatized to this day. bummer.

at first i was in doubt to watch Shaun of the Dead. should i watch it cos of the two awesome actors? or should i ditch it n find something less scary? imagine my relief when i checked Wikipedia (yes, i’m that much of a nerd lol) and turns out in the description it says “comedy”. pirate bay. search. download. watch. blog. :D

if i’m honest it’s probably d only zombie movie  i’ll ever watch that i cracked a laugh each time. anyone who had seen Nick Frost and Simon Pegg acting together should know this. classic British jokes. unexpected turnout of events. bloody perfect those two. oh and they got a new movie this year (ALSO acting together). don’t know if u’d seen it but it’s called Paul. that,  i dare say, is a masterpiece of comedy.

i’m not really here to talk much about the movie really,  apart that it’s bloody brilliant. end.



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