haircut. oh yeah~

salam. evening.

finally.. i got myself a haircut! lol. can’t believe i’m making a fuss out of this. what can i do? once u wanna blog u gotta blog! :D

actually i went yesterday as well, but i was 6mins late of d closing time huhu. it was quite awkward, usually when u enter d barber’s shop everyone would go “irasshaimase~!” and stuff like that, japanese culture textbook stuff. yesterday however, i went in n there was silence. i was like “eh?” to which one of d barbers whispered to me (in japanese of course but i forgot d actual words) “i’m sorry we’re closed.”

enough chit chat. let’s see what it looks like, shall we?

i call this one the “footballer’s cut” oh yeah~

funny, never really liked this style.. mmaybe just this once :D