getting the hang of it!

salam and.. ooh is it legal fr me to say “evening”? anyway hello to all :)

i think i’m getting d hang of blogging pretty well here. a couple more posts and i’d rather be a bloody journalist lol. as usual i’m up and to be honest half-awake, waiting fr d subuh prayers shy of half an hour left. the thing is abt summer; u either sacrifice ur bedtime or sacrifice ur prayers, which leaves me not much of an option now does it? sunrise is 4.30 in d morning and no matter what time i hit d sack i probably always wake up 10 15mins before class late. so what to do to kill time?

basically i’ve had an obsession recently with Top Gear. i’m not really much of a car person believe me, i was more interested in airplanes since i was a little boy. i only just started watching the programme a few weeks back, not because of d cars but solely on the purpose of British sarcasm and humour.

i mean personally the Brits have a big impact on my life. i lived there for 3 years during my childhood to which, i owed to my father (he was studying fr his PhD. hardworking he is, committed to his work. love my old man :)). we lived in Bradford, which is situated in West Yorkshire. the Yorks see, they have distinctive accents compared to the Londoners. when i was a kid i use to say “wo’er” as opposed to “water” :D yeah it was great fun growing up there, meeting new people. i still contact some of them thanks to Facebook. come to think of it my former teacher Madam, Tansy Adcock, her birthday was just yesterday. in case u’re reading this ma’am, first of all sorry fr the bad spellings and again, happy birthday to you!

back to the main topic of ways to pass the time while waiting fr subuh prayers. you see, i’m not really into online streaming. i have the habit of downloading things before i view them, that way i can concentrate without worrying abt the video not loading fast enough. but to be honest u would hv to own a whole server to download all the stuff, which clearly i dont. plus the download time too would be a nightmare. so here’s where it all came together; in d middle of d night as you all nocturnal beings are aware of, the internet miraculously flows like a cool breeze on a summer’s day. thank God fr that i can now stream with ease! yeay! (not to mention the countless megabytes of saved disk space).

i’ve been a fan of talk shows since.. i dont know quite a while back frankly. i started to recognize this kind of tv genre ever since i first watched Oprah. i must admit, talk shows are pretty much awesome (that did felt awkward coming from a 20 year old).  nevertheless Oprah lacks something that kept me frm watching them and eventually i couldn’t care less.

and then Top Gear arrived.

fr those who aren’t familiar with it, basically its a show where they review cars in d most entertaining way as i can possibly imagine. trust me, even if u’re not a huge petrol head (that’s the term they use fr someone who is sort of a “car junkie” in case u’re wondering) u’ll find that Top Gear is pretty much informative as Wikipedia yet can be taken light enough so that u wont fall asleep like u did in history lesson. best of all, they do carry out interviews with guests on a segment called “Star In A Reasonably Priced Car”. check them out on Youtube, if u please ;)

last paragraph i presume, its not like im typing an essay of some sort. i’m currently enjoying interviews by Jonathan Ross WHICH u can also get for free on Youtube. off to do my prayers and straight to bed. thanks fr reading! ws