to whom it may concern

salam and good evening.

i must say beforehand, this is a post to loosely convey my feelings. if u’re not really into all this emo stuff, read no further :) here goes..

salam to you. it has been a while since we last met, probably shy of 2 years by now. how are you? i do hope that u’re in d best of health as am i. recently i’ve been browsing through some songs on Youtube, and one in particular caught my.. ear (?). it was a fairly old song, one i first heard back in high school. although that is not the point, the main reason is which that somehow that song reminded me of you, that we haven’t contacted in quite a while now.

it’s a bit sad really, fr me. we were once probably d best of friends. shared laughs together, go through hardships together as all good friends do. but somehow along the way something went terribly (and regretfully) wrong that the bond is there no more. i am not saying it’s my fault, and most certainly i’m not saying it’s urs. it’s js d way it turned out to be now really boggles the greatest of minds, mine included.

which is why i am trying my best to turn a new leaf here. obviously one of us should start first but clearly i don’t see that person being you. so here i stand, on my knees, humbled, to begin a new chapter in our lives. i’m not pleading u to be the main character, but i most definitely want you to be the part of it once again. i don’t know if u are reading this, nor that u even care to take a peek, but i do hope u do.

plus i paid fr this site u know, so it would be nice if somebody other than me would kindly pop in once in a while.

till we (hopefully) meet AND greet, again. ws

there. phew that wasn’t so bad!


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