Salam and greetings to all.

Realizing that it has been quite a while since my last post in this bloody blog I might as well pretend it’s my first. So dear readers, welcome!

It’s nearly two thirds into June which, in other words that we can officially call the season summer. In my personal opinion summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors like, for instance, sightseeing and a trip to the beach. But since there isn’t much scenery here in Oyama and the closest beach you can find is in Ibaraki which is technically a long way to go then those two options are practically useless. Which comes to my third and favourite conclusion; outdoor sports.

Before I go on much further however I do apologize for the excessive formality of my sentences. You see, I have been regularly watching Top Gear for a while now and the style sort off.. stuck. (I also have to admit that whilst typing this I am in fact, imagining it being read by James May.) Anyway, moving on.

Yes, outdoor sports. Nothing fancier than going out in the afternoon and returning all exhausted and sweaty. Not only it’s a great workout it also makes you look good. I do however have one outdoor sport in particular, and that’s tennis. (Not to be confused with table tennis, mind you. The last time I tried that out it was like teaching a five year old how to drive a car.)

I started playing tennis back when I was in secondary school, Form 3 to be exact. My dad bought me my first tennis racket as a birthday gift, and a bloody nice one too on that matter. I even signed it so that it looked a bit more, “professional”. But at that time I couldn’t care less about tennis; I was playing it all wrong, the balls kept flying and eventually I gave up. The racket was then kept in the storage beneath the stairs, quietly collecting dust as it aged dully without companion..

(I might’ve gone too far on that one.)

I do though kept one thing until today, and that’s watching tennis matches. I mean, I love them. It’s like when you’re eating a buffet and your friend offers to pay the bill. It’s addictive. The action, the drama, it’s great! And now turning to my much, mature age of 20 makes me think “how hard could it be?”

So now i regularly play tennis during after-class hours. Usually I play alone though, with Mr. Wall but it’s nice to have human opponents every now and then. I even bought myself some tennis shoes which, in fact, a bit tight. I thought of buying a racket once since my own was back in Malaysia and that I’ve been using someone else’s for quite a while now but due to the price I’d rather save up for a month’s worth of lunch instead.

And there you have it then, a bit of consumer advice to you all. Thanks for reading! Ws.

(p/s: It is a bit boring this style of writing isn’t it? It’s like a blog for the elderly or something. Never mind, truth is I only posted an entry because I’m paying for this s***. Will revert to the original style later on.)


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