letter to my wife-to-be

salam, my sayang.. (i think i’m getting used to this :D)

at the time of me writing this i was in my college room updating on my social life, mainly on facebook and twitter. i must confess that your husband here is a bit of a friendly person in his youth, sometimes maybe a bit -too- friendly.. in online networking, of course! hehe. although i am also friendly in real life, hence us getting to know each other. but don’t worry, even though before i had known you i knew the boundaries in our religion :) at this time of the day there’s not much to do really. i had done my fajr prayers an hour ago and somehow i could not fall sleep. i do suspect its because i slept the whole afternoon yesterday (terrible, i know) but one thing i’m pretty sure that’s keeping me up is my thoughts about you..

its the year 2011, im a 4th year student at Oyama NCT, and i have just passed two decades of my life around two months ago. ever since i had that little chat with mama about.. well, relationship issues really, i’ve always been thinking about meeting the one, not to mention asking myself questions. You know, questions like who is she? what does she look like? what is her occupation? and so on. to be honest i always wondered, “what if the woman im going to share my life with someday is someone i already know?”. i may go to the same school as her, went to the JPA interview on the same day as her, brushed right past her when i was at Pavilion the other day (you -have- been to Pavilion, rite? haha). i mean there’s a chance that the moment occurred. who knows, that precise moment might as well be the moment that brought us together.

ever since we were little we always think about having a perfect ending, much like a “happily ever after” like we used to read in fairy tales. if perfect is what you’re looking for then honestly i’m not the one for you. i wake up late, i hate to do laundry, i have bad habits.. which is why it surprises me until now that we’re together. i mean, clearly you are the total opposite of me! haha.. no? well if not then i guess we have to perfect the imperfections, and even though being a guy who clearly have ego issues i still think that its a task i cannot complete alone. this bond that we have, to me its not just a bond. its a promise that i gave you, a promise that i am willing to share the most important thing i own; my life, with a person that i can trust with all my heart. a person, like you.

its 5.25 am here in Japan, and since its spring the sun is already up. guess i didn’t have to hit the sack now, do i? also i’ve been doing some workout recently, just a game or two of tennis really, and its been a while since i played in the early morning. if you’re up to it maybe we can play someday. after all we are a healthy couple, are we not? but i must make it clear to you; when it comes to tennis wife or no wife i don’t take my chances! haha. do take care of yourself now, although you do have me for that ;)

with love, abang.