salam n gd afternoon

into week 3 of my holidays, nothing major yet. there is one thing though; last saturday i went out fr a movie.. two in fact. during d day i went out with my mrsm senior while in d evening i went out with abg ak ashaari. its a first fr me to watch two movies in a day so it was quite thrilling lol. i watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa n Battle Los Angeles.. smthin2. awesome movies both of them, although i must admit (not trying to provoke, look down or anythin) but HMM somehow seemed a bit.. off. i cant really make up my mind which part but when d movie ended i was like.. that’s it? or.. smthin.. nevermind.

although it wouldnt be fair if only local movies received d critics. to level things up, here’s a bit abt BLA; as expected good storyline n cgi, but it reminded me of d movie Independence Day i watched when i was a boy. well of course its one with better BOOM! n stuff (not to mention a lot of suspense too) but in d end its js another invasion movie.

insyaAllah this week might js be my busiest week of d holidays with schedules running all d way frm kuantan, kelantan, KL n perlis. we’ll see hw things turn out :)